Here are some web sites we find interesting and informative.


Online Resource Guide for ELL Research

Companion to Educating English Learners, 5th Ed., by James Crawford
Features hundreds of public domain articles and primary sources – including legislation, court decisions, Congressional hearings, Census publications, ERIC Digests, and historical documents – as well as links to key research studies, resource centers, journals, and other materials relevant to each chapter of the book. Open access. Unlike similar textbook-affiliated sites, there is no charge and no password required.



Institute for Language and Education Policy
News and comment about all facets of school reform, but especially those affecting English and heritage language learners; also features opportunities to participate in grassroots advocacy

James Crawford's Language Policy Web Site
A compendium of books and articles on English-only legislation, bilingual education and other programs for English language learners, the No Child Left Behind Act, endangered languages, and related issues of U.S. language policy.



Stephen Krashen's Web Site
A 30-year archive of books and articles by one of the leading researchers in second-language acquisition.

National Clearinghouse for English Language Acquisition
The Internet's most extensive resource in this field, with hundreds of publications available for download, a searchable database of more than 20,000 references, and constantly updated information about research and policy developments. 



Learning the Language Blog at Education Week
A continuously updated and well informed source of news on federal and state policies affecting ELLs.

The Answer Sheet Blog by Valerie Strauss, Washington Post
Critical commentary on current trends in school reform, with numerous guest bloggers whose opinions – unlike those of most policymakers today – are based on research and experience in education.


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