Selected Articles by Our Partners

Frequently Asked Questions about Reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act ... and the Policy Issues at Stake (2011)
By James Crawford


Iraqi Refugee Students: From a Collection of Refugees to a Community of Learners

By Barbara Nykiel-Herbert

Multicultural Education 17(3) 2-14 (Spring 2010)


Statement on English Language Learners for the Obama Transition Team (2008)
By James Crawford and Jeff MacSwan
Institute for Language and Education Policy


Beetles and Butterflies:
Language and Learning in a Dual Language Classroom
By Sharon Adelman Reyes
Journal of Latinos and Education, 6(1), 81–92


Toward an Expanded Understanding of Two-Way Bilingual
Immersion Education: Constructing Identity through a Critical,
Additive Bilingual/Bicultural Pedagogy
By Sharon Adelman Reyes and Trina Lynn Vallone
Multicultural Perspectives, 9(3), 3–11


Review of “Research Summary and Bibliography for Structured English Immersion Programs” of the Arizona English Language Learners Task Force (2007)
By Stephen Krashen, Kellie Rolstad, and Jeff MacSwan


A Diminished Vision of Civil Rights: No Child Left Behind (2007)
By James Crawford
Education Week, June 6, 2007


Frequently Asked Questions About Official English (2006)
By James Crawford
Institute for Language and Education Policy


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